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At 6:16pm on March 21, 2014, Sarah said…

Hi Steve.  Thanks for your note. Bbbrrrr is my answer.  Just here to observe and learn.

At 7:15pm on September 27, 2013, Anna Sundin said…
Thank you Steve. Just fron the quick browse I've had there are many interesting and relatable discussion topics on this site. Lots of reading to do!
At 2:02pm on July 16, 2013, Miguel Carrasco said…

Thanks Steve - Things are going very well. We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of BCG in Boston. Look forward  to the networking and discussions on this forum. cheers Miguel

At 10:02pm on March 12, 2013, Johnny said…

I feel like I'm on a treadmill out the door. And yes the default position is to support the manager. HR even wrote it in an email when I complained about the unfairness of a particular decision.

I've asked certain members of the team who have been impacted to also make a complaint. If at least four or five people make a complaint about their treatment it would provide a strong position. However the whole team is scared to bits and everyone has refused.

Many thanks for your support.

At 12:06pm on March 12, 2013, Johnny said…

Hi Steve, many thanks for your comment.

I have received a contact from APS Dignity. The scope is wider than HR but HR are facilitating matters by supporting the managers and refusing to resolve any complaints. Its incredible the way they seek to minimise and reframe matters. All I want is a straight answer and an apology!

At 1:27pm on March 11, 2013, Zira said…
Thanks for the welcome,interesting site,have passed it on to others,whose lives are being screwed by the wonderful world of oz public service,although its more a "oh my goodness,thats what happens here" than how to beat the bastards.But at least its good to know we arent alone in our dilemma.Again thanks
At 9:42am on December 14, 2012, Deep S said…

Thanks Steve.


At 11:54am on December 9, 2012, Anthony Peterson said…

Thanks for the welcome Steve. I'm keen to learn from others with more experience at navigating the APS culture. Cheers, Anthony

At 10:21pm on September 8, 2012, gerard crewdson said…

Thanks Steve -It is an excellent site

At 11:00am on May 9, 2012, Evelyn said…

Thanks Steve.  The site looks great. Did not know it existed until I tried Twitter.  



At 10:30am on March 12, 2012, Charlie Hamer said…

Hi Steve, thanks for the welcome. I recently read your article on the "Paranoia that will shut government" as I am putting together content for our Gov2.0 conference and it would be good to keep in touch re themes for this year, and if you have any recommendations for topics? I was looking how can Government agencies progress the Taskforce's recommendations and give access for staff to social media, enhance their skills, and encourage staff to utilise this channel for communication.

Easier said than done, I am sure you would agree, but looking to tackle this at the conference.

Any advice would be great. Cheers.

At 11:52am on March 8, 2012, Kate Stone said…

We're all paddling here. Roads closed. If I wanted to get home right now I couldn't

Thanks for your great post about APS and social media - a great summary of the tension/ resistance and very timely for us ATM.

At 8:44am on January 3, 2012, Josh Donnelly said…

Cheers for the welcome Steve. I look forward to hopefully making a contribution in some way via this website :)

At 2:28pm on November 30, 2011, Fergus Hogarth said…

Thanks for the welcome, Steve. I'm keen to check the various spaces on OzLoop.


At 10:38am on November 11, 2011, William Leighton said…

Thanks for the welcome Steve, keen to learn the ropes and find my way around!


At 7:10pm on June 24, 2011, Davied van Berlo said…

Thanks for the compliment!

Did you see that my book has been translated in English? Perhaps you can use it in your network as well.

Good luck!


At 8:12pm on February 14, 2011, Lee McIvor said…

Thanks Steve. I am new to this sort of thing so it was nice to find your welcome on my page. I have spent most of my life working outside of government so will look with interest to see how this network pans out. I am currently working for the Gladstone Ports Corporation here in Gladstone in sunny Queensland - or should I say waterlogged and cyclone ravaged Qld!!

Look forward to being part of this network.



At 3:51pm on January 10, 2011, Brant Smith said…

Hi Steve.

Thanks for the welcome.  I have been looking at these various blogs and forums and thought it was about time I joined and participated.

Looking forward to it all.


At 9:18am on December 24, 2010, Melanie Wilkinson said…

Thanks for your Christmas message Steve, hopefully the chaos will cease and the cork will pop on the champers soon.  Happy Christmas.


Melanie Wilkinson

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