Weekly Bits, if you're interested. 25/05/12

You know I've been using this ning group to compare between insiders and outsiders, although we know there are people working inside and outside the silos.gov.au (and their peers OS) to try and remedy the institutionalized cones-of-silence. Just to be clear. I see innovation.gov as wanting to being classified in the govdex space and this domain needing to be in the govspace directory. One directory is for spaces between gov employees. One is for citizens who are beginning to engage with the agencies, which, lumped together, represent their government.

I make the point. The govspace and govspace directory approach can't work. This is not due to any lack of openess or skill, it's simply that we have yet to see any govdex or govspaces manned by a team of people from different (public and private) institutions, even though, in govdex, " any agency, organisation or individual can participate". It's the culture which must be seen to be changing, and to be fair to all insiders and outsiders, they already share it. They simply haven't agree on the "services" which they want to share, and on what basis they will do so. i.e. Who foots the bill ,and who defines which services are relevant (and prioritizes them)?

One thing I have learned over the years is that necessity is the only mother of invention, so far as a publicly funded service is concerned. Private companies are different. If a service or product isn't demanded, the company closes its doors due to lack of revenue. Public companies/agencies are different. Old approaches and habits can last forever; as long as the funding lasts.

So I should make a prediction. By this time next year we will be in the middle of the greatest "depression" since the last biggie in the 1930's. I'm not trying to put the fear of it's effects into anyone. In Australia, the main telling factor will be in measuring the reduction in the price of real estate, and the Aussie exchange rate. We've already seen the latter slide 7c compared to the $US benchmark. Hey! Don't believe me. Listen to the Director of the IMF.

As a public servant, the present chart is leading Aussie public employees to a similar end as in the old home country. But that's a relationship which only a fool would see as "natural" any more. European ways, and their culture, have well and truly been replaced. Hopefully, even Australian public servants might notice that they live in Asia, and that's a very different culture.

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