Using Blogs and Wikis in the Australian Public Service

OK. This is a messy looking post. Last Friday, 15 October 2010 I attended a great event put on by AGIMO here in Canberra. Below are my tweets. The big standouts for me are the great work being done by AGIMO and the challenge of pushing forward within APS agencies.

Individual agencies need to rekindle the sense of there being one APS if, at a Federal level, there is to be real progress. Don't know about anyone else, but I think there is huge scope to adopt a national whole of public sector approach to the use of social media, Gov 2.0 and collaboration between public sector employees.

Great work John, Peter, Tim and Kayelle.

Steve D

OZloop: John Sheridan AGIMO 3 out of 4 Tweets are ignored. My Q. How to shift that stat in #aps

OZloop: Another learning from Peter Alexander. Can integrate social media into APS. Will not break anything.

OZloop: AGIMO presentation. Learning from their blog. Small number of people can make a big difference.#aps

OZloop: AGIMO chat. Open licensing is not the end of the world.#aps

OZloop: APS needs to skill public servants to use social media to mitigate risks. My take on AGIMO chat. #aps

OZloop: Tip from AGIMO. Take a risk : benefit approach to social media to overcome blockers in Agencies.#aps

OZloop: Tip from AGIMO. Take a risk : benefit approach to social media to overcome blockers in Agencies.#aps

OZloop: AGIMO is going to release a Gov 2.0 primer.

OZloop: Peter Alexander giving good Web 2.0 for dummies chat. Culture and leadership are the big issue.

OZloop: AGIMO chat. Surprised at number of APS senior execs who just don't get it. I'm not.#aps

OZloop: The AGIMO chat about blogs screams setting a professional tone for citizens and public servants.#aps

OZloop: AGIMO chat. Question. Does your agency differentiate between personal use and personal professional use. I bet not.#aps

OZloop: AGIMO usually recommends post moderation.#aps

OZloop: APS agencies can use govspace. Get on board.#aps

OZloop: Be chatty do not be bureaucratic. Kayelle Wiltshire AGIMO. #aps

OZloop: AGIMO chat on using blogs and wikis in the APS was great. Congrats to John Sheridan and team.

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Comment by Darron Passlow on October 18, 2010 at 5:09pm
Steve, Glen
I must admit I am not on Twitter, but is a tweet any different to an email? (I guess access and timeliness is a differentiator). The "3 out of 4 tweets ignore" opened a different debate for me.
This to me does not imply "1 in 4 people ... do pay attention". This is not the issue. "Ignored" needs defining and in the context is; Possibly "not acted upon".
Like email you provide your comms address to people/groups that you want to hear from. (that have a common interest). You would generally (with time and ignoring obvious "spam"/marketing) read most comms sent to you. Most of the time you will take this in and then decide whether to do something with it, now or later, or you park/delete it (ignore).
To act on this comms probably requires interest, time, knowledge and energy.
If you call non action "ignoring", you might get 99 in 100 messages ignored!
As an example, I am very interested in this blog post and I read all the tweets (attached).
I acted on the blog post to support colleague Steve in his quest for answers and to be proactive.
I had the interest, time, a bit of knowledge and enthusiasm for this topic.
From the 16 tweets, I discovered a different, positive side to AGIMO but I do not plan to act on any of these tweets at this stage. So I am batting zero for 16. Regards
Comment by Glen Frost on October 18, 2010 at 9:25am
Thanks for posting Steve, appreciate you sharing these great insights.

One suggestion re the comment "3 out of 4 tweets ignored" - perhaps we're being too harsh on ourselves here; do we need to judge new media with the same metrics as traditional media? Perhaps we should view the benefit of new media as being about building a loyal and strong community over time. The "1 in 4" people who do pay attention to you, or listen to your tweets are your "disciples", they will help you spread the message over time. The key issue of quality of communication often seems to get overlooked in the rush to communicate "the key message" to as many people as possible via mass media.

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