I have been really inspired by govloop and have decided to set up OZloop. Initially this was by invite, but I have now opened it right up. Hopefully we can grow and evolve OZloop together.

OZloop - Australian public servants networking to improve the present and help shape the future.

I think if we could have 'govloops' around the place and then link them it would give us both a national and international focus. So people from other countries joining up to provide and international perspective would be really cool. I think Carla Jenkins said it much better than me. Not sure about the genius bit but.

What I am now looking for is for Australian members of govloop to join ozloop. I am especially looking for people to take on the role of administering the groups set up for State and Territory jurisdictions. If you would like to do so just send me an email with some info about yourself.

And just so you know I am keeping in touch with Steve Ressler founder of govloop. Thanks Steve, look forward to us having an ongoing relationship over this whole thing.

Anyway, get in there, play and spread the word. I'll be doing so in a variety of places in the meantime.

Let's go for it!

Steve D.

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Comment by Steve Ressler on September 21, 2009 at 3:59am
Steve from GovLoop here...OzLoop is looking great and let me know if I can help out at all. It is so great to see government evolving, connecting ,and sharing in the U.S. and across the world.

As Steve stated, while GovLoop is primarily U.S. based it does have a relatively active international presence so if you want to check out what your friends in US, Canada, and elsewhere or up to ....make sure to jump on over.

Keep being awesome....I hope to make it to Australia one of these days and meet in person.

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