Nicholas Gruen on Innovation and Gov 2.0

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Nicholas's comments on this topic are very thought provoking. Visit the Gov 2.0 Taskforce and have a read.

In particular, the reference to web 2.0 tools being used as broadcast tools a la Web 1.0 is very telling. I am interested in this as the mindset that is tending to persist is that these tools are simply channels. Follow that logic and these channels can be used to control, rather than engage and used to reach some predetermined outcome rather than truly collaborate with people. Which is precisely why Gov 2.0 is going to pose a real challenge for the APS.

While it is good that the APSC is considering putting some questions on social networking in next years employee survey. It is a single survey and what would possibly be better for internal audit practitioners within Agencies to start measuring such factors as online participation. Maybe this is something the National Audit Office could pick up on.


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