If, as many people believe, our democratic system is in dire need of repair then it makes sense to get involved in new Democracy. I'm certainly going to be getting in touch with them.


Another dimension relevant to this is the public service. One thing I have noticed over many years is that the free flow of information and the right of public servant has been eroded by rampant managerialism. Add to that corporate obsessiveness over staying on message and that wonderful phrase 'potential damage to reputation' and what you end up with is a recipe for the erosion of democracy within the very institutions that should be walking the talk.


This marked tendency within the public service goes a long way towards explaining the very mixed reactions to social media. In short, it is not just organisational culture that is the issue, but anti-democratic tendencies. Rampant managerialism and despotic tendencies are natural bedfellows.


On that note check out Play ball, not Bolt, in free speech debate by Julian Assange and Jennifer Robinson.


Colleagues have often told me about this playing the person, not the ball routine and, to be honest, I have experienced it myself. Practices such as this prevent the free flow of information and views and, in behavioural terms, are little more than a pernicious form of bullying.


Funny that. Who would have thought rampant managerialism, despotic tendencies and bullying go hand in hand.

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