Can anyone recommend any departments/agencies who have implemented a mobile engagement strategy or developed an app?


I'm currently putting together the 2nd annual Smart Govenment Australia conference, with a whole day this year looking at how governments in Australia can communicate with citizens, as well as collaborate with each other over mobile and other portable devices.


Mobile government seems to be gaining ground in North America and Europe, and I think this is a great opportunity to drive the Australian initiatives.





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Comment by Chris Beer on May 4, 2011 at 9:57am

Hi Charles


Saw your post and thought I'd add this for those that are interested.


New W3C Online Course: Introduction to Mobile Web and Application B...

28 April 2011

W3C is pleased to announce its latest online training course: Introduction to Mobile Web and Application Best Practices. This course includes a lot of new material concerning Web applications. Delivered over 8 weeks, the course will help Web designers and content producers to become familiar with the Web as delivered on mobile devices. It is based entirely on W3C standards, particularly the Mobile Web Best Practices and Mobile Web Application Best Practices. Participants will learn in particular about which versions of HTML and CSS to use for mobile today, client-side and server-side content adaptation techniques, and exciting new APIs available on modern mobile platforms. The full price for the new course is €195 but there are two early bird periods. From now until Friday 6 May you can enroll for just €95. The second early bird period runs until Friday 27th May at €145. See full details of the course and register now.

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