This is certainly a hard way to have a conversation with the innovation.govspace guys.

It seems, even after being informed that their comments tool is eating comments, (Hmmm, your comment seems a bit spammy. We're not real big on spam around here. Please go back and try again. ) they are unable to design the most basic social interaction.Oh well. It is the Australian public service. So here's one which should be on this thread.

"Hi Guys, and thanks for yur feedback on the jam, & this week's weekly bits of interest.
I thought you might be interested in where you've led me so far, and one design principle which few in most .gov domains have accepted as gospel just yet. This something I've just posted at

" Hi Ingrid,
I picked up on the concept of "Public service" design through this jam which led me, via their Weekly bits of interest, to the CSI site, which led me to probonoaustralia.

My primary interest is in the design of public online (media) services. You'd understand that as the world of media moves from (non social) broadcast to (social) interactive, we have some broken concepts.

You might appreciate that most of the good intentions in this area are stillborn due to the lack of one fundamental design principle. There is no single authentication and authorization method for a single citizen. i.e. The basis of any group of (public) services which can be co-designed & accessed in the online world always comes down to every citizen having something like this.

In Australia this has been attempted, but poorly designed due the Aussie inability to focus on the "end user"(citizen). Always, it sadly seems, our public designers always end up being institutionally centric. Just try to Register!

Even the softer approach was stillborn.

So how can we expect, if we are movng from a representative democracy towards one in which all citizens can participate, to co-design any social public services, if we can't take this first step?"

I understand that it's a very Australian thing to have government agencies choose the agenda and then "deliver their services". But it doesn't really help citizens set their agenda, and priorities, as to which services are the most needed, does it?"

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Comment by simonfj on April 7, 2012 at 10:53am


And an illustration in;

1, how to design a blog site so no one can point directly at a post.

2, Why public servants should never be allowed to play with financial instruments.

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