Do we need a Common Charter for Citizen : Public Servant Engagement?

I think the answer is yes. To provide confidence and encourage robust discussion such a beast is needed. What do you think?

I have also commented on this over at the AGIMO blog Under Lindsay Tanner's post.

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Comment by Ingrid Mason on May 24, 2010 at 6:19pm
I'm going to hedge bets both ways Steve & Terry. I'd like to think there is inherently in the role of a public servant a requirement to be active and to engage with the public being served. I'd like to think buried in the role of a public servant is a common charter already at that highest level. Here's where my bet is hedged: perhaps it is how that common goal is realised in different times and with different ICTs perhaps is where the 'how to' and 'action' becomes important to give guidance, foster action and to retranslate the tasks of a public servant. For example: I'm interested to learn from others and to see how they have translated principles into practice and looking for a community to draw insights from (and/or light relief).
Comment by Darron Passlow on May 18, 2010 at 5:28pm
Steve What do you mean by a charter? A simple user guide might be more appropriate and easier to live with. I agree with Terry that we need to apply "KISS" in everything we do here, to ensure people are not threatened and get involved (on their terms).
Comment by Terry Hanisch on May 18, 2010 at 3:11pm
It would, in my opinion, be a good move to have a charter, but lets not allow this to be used as an excuse not to get on with it. By that I mean that if the government is going to produce a Common Charter for Citizen : Public Servant Engagement then how long will it take and how many hurdles will have to be jumped before it is 'approved'
If we can have one produced and accepted quickly it would certainly encourage publc servant's to discuss issues more openly and fully, but having to have one could stymie open discussion while we wait for one to be produced

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