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The Irrational Taxation Debate

In this, and many other countries, we have a situation with taxation that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

The people have needs that are being met, or at least someway to being met by government service provision. This of course has to be paid for by taxation.

So what is tax? It is the fee we have to pay as citizens for the services we require. If this taxation is to be fairly weighted, then the higher wealth citizens would pay more, as they, as a rule get to use more of the… Continue

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Private vs Corporate vs Public Enterprise

There is allot of Ideological rubbish in the debate about public vs private enterprise.

Let me state at the outset that I am not against private enterprise. In fact, I believe it is the backbone of freedom of the individual, and an effective vehicle for innovation.

In it's most basic form private enterprise is the sole operator offering his/her skills direct to the user. As the scale of operation increases we get…


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Theocratic motivations in Democracy.

A driver for change (and control) is Religion and to  varying lesser degrees, Quasi-religious thought.(Communism Facism Capitalism etc.,)

At best they call to the better aspects of our humanity, at worst they are a vehicle for thought control.

We can see in our current milieu various groups motivated to extremes by their belief systems.

An interesting case is the transition of the militarist republic in…


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