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Important Notice - Blog post removed and archived

The blog post entitled The ATO's Jennie Granger and Co Embarrassing the Nation has been removed and archived without prejudice as a result of reasonable discussions with an ATO…


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Practices of the 21st Century Organisation

When I look at much of the literature concerning organisational development and management what strikes me most is that the focus is more on existing structures and approaches surviving than any fundamental change to the very notion of bureaucracy.

If asked to nominate one critical factor to distinguish the way organisations go about harness the skills and smarts of their people now and it previous centuries it would be this.

  • In the past people were…

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Targets, Victims, Patients and Perpetrators - Understanding Australian Public Service Abuse

Serene Teffaha and I have been looking beyond the bureaucratic processes used by corporate human resources across the Australian Public Service to deal with employees who raise serious issues within the workplace, who become the targets of bullying and mobbing or make formal whistle blowing complaints.


We have prepared a paper describing the process from the perspective of the roles people play in the Australian Public Service. In short, to put the entire situation on a…


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Anonymous post : A culture of eradication of integrity

This post was submitted anonymously.

It is my opinion that ATO Human Resource Culture is hell bent on eradicating any one whom exposes integrity & systemic issues within ATO. Instead of rewarding courageous individuals whose interests clearly are that of Commonwealth & National interests the strategies deployed to eliminate/ destroy these individuals are

a) Using Section 16 of the PS Act 1999 Fitness for Duty…


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Corporate HR - Spying and Abuse

Sad, but true we have further and very disturbing cases of the the psychiatric profession being used to abuse public servants. I am having ongoing conversations with the targets of this abusive regime.

Equally sad, but true the Australian Taxation stands out as they document themselves so well. Others may disagree, but this raises serious questions of a philosophical nature. Ethics and morality spring to mind.

Yesterday our Serene Teffaha attempted to return to…


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The 99% Connect Project


About the project

The purpose of the project is to construct an ideal type of open government. The fundamentals of the approach draw on the work of the sociologist …


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Corporate Human Resources : Enforcing Conformity without Criminality

As you can see from the title of this post I have a new tagline for corporate HR functions that overstep the mark and become abusive.

In my post on my submission to the Australian government inquiry into workplace bullying I referred to the concerns the anti-psychiatry movement has about psychiatry. These concerns centre on the lack of hard…


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Dehumanising public servants

This might seem an extreme title for a post about public servants. After all, we live in an enlightened democratic and humane society. We are polite and considerate of others.

Hence, it was with interest that I read a recent piece Public servants more than faceless pen-pushers by The Watcher of the Brisbane Times . What this article…


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Submission to Bullying Inquiry : The Totalitarian Practices of Corporate Human Resources

For quite a while now I've been working on my submission to the Australian Government inquiry in to workplace bullying. It has been a lengthy journey and there have been many discussions. What I have attempted to do is paint a clear sociological picture of workplace bullying in the Australian Public Service.

To varying degrees my submission applies to organisations outside the APS. However, I have focused on the APS for one simple reason. The APS serves our Federal Government…


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APS Bullying : Human resources as a total institution

It is good the see J.A James site APS Bullying featured in the PS News. The site contains information to assist APS employees who are targets of bullying.


In this post I want to focus on the use of psychiatric assessments. As J.A James points out on her web site:

"The worst form of victimisation is compulsory psychiatric referrals of genuine complainants under Public Service…

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Serendipity : Yammer does the Australian Taxation Office

Well, not really, but I must admit that I had a quiet laugh to myself when I read that Microsoft had acquired Yammer.


It brought back memories of what some of my former colleagues and I within the Australian Taxation Office called the 'Yammer event'. While the event obviously had some serious implications in terms of revealing the nature of the corporate culture of the ATO…


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Let's end the abuse : Management 2.0 Hackathon Report

For some time I've been writing about the need to reform management - especially the public service variety. Certainly in relation to the Australian Public Service. Though clearly, management is also problematic in the private sector.

The bottom line is that management and leadership in many of our key institutions have just not kept up with the times. Worse than that, when you enter the corporate domain the picture gets bleak indeed. And just as you think things could not get…


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CSIRO Workplace Bullying : Looking to the bigger picture

Another bullying site. Victims of Bullying, Harassment, and Victimisation in the CSIRO. Have a look at this site and, if you are in a position to do so, contribute.


Good to see of course. That being said it is important to look to the bigger picture. To wit, that there is a significant problem across government bodies regardless of whether they are formally a part of the Australian Public Service or…


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Inquiry into workplace bullying : Methodological problems abound

While it is pleasing that the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment is inquiring into workplace bullying it is fair to say that the inquiry is starting out with some serious methodological flaws. Flaws, I suggest, that could compromise the veracity of the inquiry…


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Featured site : APS Bullying

In the course of working away on Public Integrity Australia the PIA team were introduced to APS Bullying. Otherwise known as Bullying, Harassment, Victimisation and Discrimination in the Australian Public Service.

Founded by JA James the site contains a great deal of legal information. To get started I suggest you read …


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Australian Public Service Reality Distortion Field

Some of my former Northern Territory Public Sector colleagues and I sometimes wondered whether our federal colleagues looked at matters through some sort of reality distortion field. Why? Because it was our observation that the closer you got to Canberra and the further you went up the hierarchy, the greater the emphasis on the political considerations.

Certainly, in terms of implementing the wishes of government the work of all public servants ultimately has political…


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The internet Defence League and open government

The Internet Defence League looks pretty cool hey.

I could not agree more. Forward we march together in the fight against monopolies and vested interests who would rob us of Internet Freedom.

To me the notion of defending internet freedom raises some of the old questions around open government and enhanced democracy.

How much freedom?

How open should…


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With the Canberra GovCamp/Hack/Jam rapidly approaching it is time to change focus. A break from the darker side of life I've been involved in of late.

Time to take a look at the world of . . .…


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Whistleblower Protection : Government Response

I have been reading the Government Response to to Whistleblower Protection. It makes interesting reading. The Government has agreed to introduce a Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Bill this year.

The Government has agreed to many of the recommendations and they do indeed provide a starting point for the development of the PID…


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Corporate Culture Assessment Tool

Oh no, not another survey I hear you saying.

Every time the issue of organisational culture comes up armies of consultants, along with human resource and organisational development practitioners, start mobilising. Surveys abound, all trying to get inside your head and tell you what the corporate culture should be.

And let's not forget the corporate communications people.

It's an old approach; a tried and failed approach. Why?  Because it's an…


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