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Let's do some awesome good - #jillmeagher #googlesafe

Like a lot of people I was shocked and saddened by the cruel and senseless death of Jill Meagher. Thousands of people marching shows how much people care and how outraged they are.

I spoke to my good colleague and friend Serene Teffaha about this and she told me…


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Workplace 100 Project

For some time we have been thinking that the focus on surveys on issues such as workplace bullying is out of step with the times. Sure, as a researcher I appreciate that surveys have a place. However, we think a more action oriented approach is in order.

As others have pointed out before there has been survey after survey and inquiry after inquiry. And look at the process.…


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The Australian Public Service Commission Challenge

On the 29th of August 2012 I sent an email the Commissions Ethics Group mailbox drawing their attention to a post on OZloop and flagging that I would be happy to meet with them.


On the 3rd of September I sent an email to an individual officer with the APSC drawing attention to the fact that I had sent an email to the groups’ mailbox.


View …


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Public Service Amendment Bill 2012 – Enhanced Authoritarianism



The Australian Governments’ House of Representatives recently passed the Public Service Amendment Bill 2012. The Bill contains legislative proposals to enable the implementation of the recommendations contained in the report Ahead of the Game: …


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Gov 2.0 Conference Canberra 2012

Gov 2.0 Conference Canberra

Spring is officially here in Canberra. OK it doesn't feel quite like it yet. Except for those of us who are busily sneezing away of course. October will bring warmer weather and, for me, that means no more allergic…


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More pity the Australian Public Service Commission


Progressively we have been peeling away the layers of bureaucratic self deception that have resulted in the creation of a management regime that provides a platform for abuse. The dynamic at work is that of moral disengagement. The genesis of this abusive regime lays within the corporate human resource function.

Over time this function has…


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Cultivating the “Supply Side” of the Creative Economy

An interesting post by Polly Labarre on the creative economy.

Don't be put off by the apparent focus on the economy. It contains some interesting pointers that go to the heart of innovation.

“Everybody’s wildly creative underneath,” says Kelley. “That child’s mind is still in there. My mission is to convert people to confidence—to take people who don’t think of…


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The putrid practices of the Australian Public Service

I recently revisited a paper entitled Perfect Policies, Putrid Practices written by Karen Grogan and Sandra Dann. The paper examines workplace bullying in the public sector.

Much of the research draws on work done around the mid 1990s. I want to draw your attention to one particular comment made in the paper concerning the degree of self congratulatory behaviour associated with having…


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World Online Whistleblowing Survey

The University of Melbourne and Griffith University are conducting the worlds first global survey on whistleblowing.


The survey includes questions about whistleblowing to the media.


The survey is part of a study by researchers from Griffith University and the University of Melbourne. The project is funded by the Australian Research Council and has been approved by the University of Melbourne research ethics committee.


The survey should take…


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Boys from the Bush and Gov 2.0

This post is by way of a welcome to Boys from the Bush.

What is the connection between Boys from the Bush and Gov 2.0/Open Government you may ask.

Having spent 15 years in the Northern Territory and having had responsibility for matters associated with Indigenous Australians in the public sector I am reasonably well qualified to suggest a few connections. Working with Indigenous Australians in my…


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Occupational Conditioning and Workplace Bullying

For longer than I care to remember I have cautioned against the adoption of behaviourism by corporate human resource areas. It is a pernicious ideology that ignores the fact that workplaces are complex sociological entities populated by people. Corporate human resources areas are attracted to this ideology as it enables them to individualise workplace issues rather than tackle complex issues…


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Servants of the public record

Back in January 2011 I wrote a discussion paper entitled The public service in a Wikileaks world. I posted this paper online and distributed it to colleagues within the Australian Public Service. I also distributed it to members of the social media community I had established within the Taxation…


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The moral disengagement of the boomer caste

So here goes Steve playing the generation card. Worse still he does so after reading Are the Boomers Screwing the Millennials? by Peter Lawler. A political conservative.


No, I have not taken a sudden liking to conservative views, but Peter's article did prompt a few thoughts. A few thoughts that, I…


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Important Notice - Blog post removed and archived

The blog post entitled The ATO's Jennie Granger and Co Embarrassing the Nation has been removed and archived without prejudice as a result of reasonable discussions with an ATO…


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Practices of the 21st Century Organisation

When I look at much of the literature concerning organisational development and management what strikes me most is that the focus is more on existing structures and approaches surviving than any fundamental change to the very notion of bureaucracy.

If asked to nominate one critical factor to distinguish the way organisations go about harness the skills and smarts of their people now and it previous centuries it would be this.

  • In the past people were…

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Targets, Victims, Patients and Perpetrators - Understanding Australian Public Service Abuse

Serene Teffaha and I have been looking beyond the bureaucratic processes used by corporate human resources across the Australian Public Service to deal with employees who raise serious issues within the workplace, who become the targets of bullying and mobbing or make formal whistle blowing complaints.


We have prepared a paper describing the process from the perspective of the roles people play in the Australian Public Service. In short, to put the entire situation on a…


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Anonymous post : A culture of eradication of integrity

This post was submitted anonymously.

It is my opinion that ATO Human Resource Culture is hell bent on eradicating any one whom exposes integrity & systemic issues within ATO. Instead of rewarding courageous individuals whose interests clearly are that of Commonwealth & National interests the strategies deployed to eliminate/ destroy these individuals are

a) Using Section 16 of the PS Act 1999 Fitness for Duty…


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Corporate HR - Spying and Abuse

Sad, but true we have further and very disturbing cases of the the psychiatric profession being used to abuse public servants. I am having ongoing conversations with the targets of this abusive regime.

Equally sad, but true the Australian Taxation stands out as they document themselves so well. Others may disagree, but this raises serious questions of a philosophical nature. Ethics and morality spring to mind.

Yesterday our Serene Teffaha attempted to return to…


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The 99% Connect Project


About the project

The purpose of the project is to construct an ideal type of open government. The fundamentals of the approach draw on the work of the sociologist …


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Corporate Human Resources : Enforcing Conformity without Criminality

As you can see from the title of this post I have a new tagline for corporate HR functions that overstep the mark and become abusive.

In my post on my submission to the Australian government inquiry into workplace bullying I referred to the concerns the anti-psychiatry movement has about psychiatry. These concerns centre on the lack of hard…


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