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Social media and organisational story telling

Organisational story telling is a powerful way of creating an impetus for change. The article PowerPoint and Organizational Storytelling: Q&A with Steven Denning provides some great insights into organisational story telling and the use of PowerPoint.


Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that social media is a powerful device for organisational story telling. That, quite conceivably is…


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Talismans against evil

Public sector values. Australian Public Service Values are they instruments to keep public servants on the straight and narrow, or do they discourage critical thinking? If they do the latter then they do not, in all probability, serve the community well. Is it the case that the way public service values are communicated and administered encourages 'group think'?


On quite a few occasions I have had public servants…


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Open government - Is it all in the language?

The transparency and accountability initiative seems to have slipped under quite a few people's radar. I might be wrong of course, but could this be due to the language we use.

Open government, Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0. In many instances these terms are almost used interchangeably. To make matters more complex, how these terms also depends on the focus and background of whoever is doing the talking.

So, for example, if your are steeped in the language of Web 2.0 and are a… Continue

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Why Gary Roughead Rocks!

Admiral Gary Roughead U.S Chief of Naval Operations gave a speech to the Institute for Public Relations Strategic Communications Summit in june of this year.


Except to say that his clarity of vision and pragmatism puts armies of committees and public servants to shame I have nothing to say.


Admiral Gary Roughead on social…


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MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy

It is fascinating to see the convergence between behavioural economics and government policy making. The difficult question, however, is whether this is philosophy is consistent with Gov 2.0?


The messages seem mixed. On the one hand we have Empowering consumers using behavioural insights and on the other we have …


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GOP social media competition - Let's not do that in Australia

In the United States the Republican Party is heavily into social media competition. Check out GOP New Media Coverage Rocks.


OK. I guess this pulls in the numbers (citizens), and provides motivation for politicians to use social media. To give you a feel for the flavour . . .

"Who’s winning the social media war on Capitol Hill? The Republicans—and they are…


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