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Australian Public Service Innovation Action Plan

It is fantastic to see the action plan finally released. See the launch post by Patricia Kelly.


So now it is up to us all of us to keep up the momentum. The new look of the innovation web is great. So jump in and help the APS progress further.


The logical next step is to get…


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Gov 2.0, APS Reform and Innovation - Let's gamify it

Nice post on the gamification of innovation


Which begs the question of whether we would we get further (faster) with innovation, Gov 2.0 and reform in the public service if we gamified them?


It would certainly take the games played by committees and behind closed doors out of the closet. Which can only be a good…


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Co-designing democracy in the Australian Capital Territory

It was great to see the ACT Chief Minister outline her vision for open government today.


  • transparency in process and information
  • participation by citizens in the governing process
  • public collaboration in finding solutions to problems
  • a weekly report on key issues discussed and decisions taken by the Cabinet
  • an…

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Gov 2.0 and the Australian Public Service - How are you going to party?

An interesting article from Street Corner on the Frocomm Gov 2.0 Conference held in Sydney earlier this month

Plenty of examples from local government, the excellent example set by the South Australian Government and, of course, the work emanating from the UK.

While, I think it is really important to celebrate and share the work being done by the Australian Public Service it is obvious that each agency is proceeding at… Continue

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Update : Creative commons licensing and public servant innovation

Looking at creative commons licensing and public sector innovation much of the emphasis is on the application of those licenses to public sector data released to the community. But what about the application of those licenses to innovation within agencies by public servants?


Most agencies have in place reward and recognition systems to acknowledge public servants. However, why shouldn't public servants who innovate be able to apply creative commons licensing to their work…


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WikiLeaks a boon for US government: Former Obama campaign adviser

In January of this year I posted a discussion paper entitled The public service in a Wikileaks world. Some of the ideas in that paper took me down the path of suggesting that we need a public service renaissance.


Like many others, at the time I was very much of the view that there was much over reaction to the actions of Wikileaks so it is now interesting to read comments…


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Notice : Australian Public Service Agencies

Government leaders who are reluctant to allow employees access to social media must realize that message control in today's new-media environment is an illusion.

The organization's voice is just one of many consistently touching on subjects of core interest to its identity and would be a strategic error of the most basic nature to not…

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Alert : Outbreak of Organisational Development Disorder

My good colleagues Bec Gallen and Michelle Nutting and I were exploring the following questions a couple of weeks ago:


How could we encourage discussion of the palpable resistance to social media within public service agencies? This discussion came about as, despite the projects going on around the place, the experience for most public servants is quite different.


The next question we explored is how could we make that discussion one step removed. And just as…


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Civil Servant 2.0

How often have you thought that Gov 2.0 means government agencies and individual public servants adopting some new practices and ways of looking at the world? It all looks a bit chicken and egg at times, but given the nature of social media technologies the individual has a greater capacity to generate change than in the past. Almost paradoxically this because people can group together to express and exchange ideas and move them into the public sphere.


From Civil…


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The Australian Government 2.0 Register - Beyond the numbers

Fantastic of AGIMO to create a Gov 2.0 Register.


I've been having a look at the data collected and it looks somewhat like this:


53 Blogs


91 Twitter accounts


362 RSS accounts

A fair bit of activity. However, the first thought that ran through my mind was what does this activity look like? So here is some imagery in…


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The world of social media in 2011 - Statistics, facts and figures

Simple question. Is the public service keeping up with this? In what ways does your agency need to change to do so?



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Freedom of connection : Freedom of expression

On 22 My 2011 I put up a post on Ozloop entitled Freedom of professional expression - Freedom of association.


There is a lot of serendipity about at the moment. The UNESCO report Freedom of connection : Freedom of expression released this month being a case in…


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eG8 Forum : Lessons for organisational development

From O'Reilly radar


The president of France hailed the work of Internet innovators as historic, and noted that the level of responsibility that rests with the leaders of today's digital companies as "undoubtedly the highest ever given to individuals who do not work in the public sector or in government."


"The free Internet today marks the difference between a dictatorship and a democracy," said Sarkozy, noting "those who have tried to close…


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How activist should we be on line?

I got an interesting question posed to me by some members as a result of my message to OZloop members on the GetUp petition concerning the slaughter of live export cattle.

The view put forward was that if OZloop gets too broad in content it risks losing people who want to discuss government machinery, but are uncomfortable with activist positions.

On reflection I do agree with that view. So if I have made anyone feel uncomfortable I apologize. Point taken.

These… Continue

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