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Reflections from Gov 2.0 Expo 2010, Washington DC

Reflection from Kate Lundy Interesting reading. Also contains examples of Gov 2.0 activities in Australia. Anyone have any further examples?

The interview with Alex Howard of O'Reilly Media is very interesting and provides a good overview. Note the comments on public service…

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Invitation to APS public servants : Beyond Twitter

One of the unfortunate things about Twitter, Facebook etc is that, rightly or wrongly, to those in the public sector unfamiliar with social media the technology is about people exchanging information that is not serious or purposeful. In short, they view social media through a sort of 'Days of our lives and Neighbours' lens.

Couple that with risk aversion (more like inventing risk in some cases) and a perceived lack of a means of purposeful collaboration or interaction and…

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Government can be a reality

Great article by Stephen Collins - Government can be a reality

Really highlights the need for change to come from each and every public servant and that to take the lead as a sector that everyone needs to exercise leadership. Not wait for it, not be bound up by red tape and push back… Continue

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Is our thinking up to scratch?

Bill Eggers on is book If We Can Put a Man on the Moon … Getting Big Things Done in Government.

There is no doubt we have great minds and ideas here in Australia, but if, for example, we consider the Australian Public Service (APS) do we really have enough people expressing the ideas needed to make Gov 2.0 work? Do we need to do more to liberate and harness the ideas of our…

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Gov 2.0 Heroes

Who is your hero?

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Should we retire old public servants?

OK. Now that I've set myself up for being somewhat discriminatory consider this. The age profile of the APS is predominantly middle aged and upward. 45 to 55 + account for just over 40 percent of ongoing employees.

Many of these are career public servants and the world that shaped their view of the world is dramatically different to the world we live in now.…

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Gov 2.0 requires more listening, not more information

And the message to the public service is listen to engage. Not exactly rocket science me thinks. Has major implications for communication practitioners. Is this going to be a major cultural change for public service communications areas? My vote goes to yes.

Added by steve davies on June 6, 2010 at 4:12pm — 2 Comments

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