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How to achieve APS staff cuts without blowing the budget

I was thinking about how expensive it is for the Abbott government to pay for all those redundancies in order to achieve the staff cuts it wants to achieve.

I think I can help. So Senator Abetz and Public Service Commissioner Sedgwick, please think about the following proposal.

Form a specialist team and have them make a list of all the public service employees (at any level) who have been identified as bullies in grievances or complaints over a given period (depending…


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Political corruption at the ATO?

Could this happen in Australia?

Political corruption at the IRS

By Michael Gerson,…

Added by Mad Hatter on May 18, 2013 at 12:31am — 3 Comments

No respect required by our leadership

Does the APS code of conduct apply to politicians?


There are Ministerial guidelines but they seem to be an extension of the APS code of conduct.  There is no reference to treating people with respect.


The Rudd swearing on video saga is currently being…


Added by Winston Smith on January 22, 2013 at 10:17am — 4 Comments

So much for the Model Litigant Policy (and the other Legal Services Directions 2005)


Based on events during recent proceedings in the Federal Magistrates Court in which I was the applicant, I formed the opinion that there were obvious and significant breaches, by the respondents (the Commissioner of Taxation and the Commonwealth), of the Legal Services Directions 2005. These included breaches of the Model Litigant policy. Both respondents were represented by the Australian Government Solicitor.…


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(Excerpt from affidavit of Cheryl Robyn Weeks filed in the Federal Magistrates Court on 21 April 2011 alleging contraventions by the ATO of the relevant enterprise agreement.)


36.       During Mr Z’s period of leadership I felt I had been ‘sidelined’ and I believed that this was a covert way of exerting pressure on me to retire.

37.       In March 2009 an incident occurred…


Added by Cheryl Robyn Weeks on December 7, 2012 at 1:57pm — 3 Comments

Freedom of information - Good design for Australian Public Service agencies

So the push is on for proactive freedom of information in the the APS.

The primary means by which the community will access information released under FOI is via the web. Which means we need to attend to design and avoid the trap of simply publishing link farms. We should also, I suggest, have a consistent design across all APS agencies. To do otherwise is a recipe for confusion.

I have had a look around the place and have found a great example courtesy of the U.K Ministry… Continue

Added by steve davies on May 4, 2011 at 9:24am — 4 Comments

Politicians Online

The other day I was having a bit of chat with Craig Thomler about OZloop and thing Gov 2.0. During our conversation I said that I could see no reason why politicians could not openly take part in conversations online. That's not to say I cannot see the challenges.

There are, of course, a million reasons why not. Being taken out of context, having their views interpreted as those of Government etc etc… Continue

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