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Innovation Month 2015 - Is it Australian Public Service spin?

You may not know it, but it is Innovation Month.

Innovation Month 2015 is the flagship initiative lead by the Department of Industry to achieve the objectives of the APS Innovation Action Plan “the APS and its agencies will institute mechanisms to recognise, celebrate and share innovation efforts. This will be done by … agencies holding innovation themed events to discuss, share and celebrate public sector innovation within their agencies.” The plan is supported by the…


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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Eroding freedom and innovation

Wikileaks has done the world an enormous favour by leaking intellectual property rights charter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


Intellectual property rights might seem abstract for many of us. However, just consider for a moment that it is the free flow of information - of what we know, what we create, what we dream up - that makes us who we are. It is what shapes the sort of society we live in and, in a very practical…


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Future of Social Government - Bureaucratic flatlining is not an option

Last month I presented at the Future of social government conference held in Canberra. It was a…


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Cultivating the “Supply Side” of the Creative Economy

An interesting post by Polly Labarre on the creative economy.

Don't be put off by the apparent focus on the economy. It contains some interesting pointers that go to the heart of innovation.

“Everybody’s wildly creative underneath,” says Kelley. “That child’s mind is still in there. My mission is to convert people to confidence—to take people who don’t think of…


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With the Canberra GovCamp/Hack/Jam rapidly approaching it is time to change focus. A break from the darker side of life I've been involved in of late.

Time to take a look at the world of . . .…


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Australian Public Service : The perfect storm

Full credit to the ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, Canberra Liberals leader Zed Seselja and ACT Greens leader Meredith Hunter saying they did not want Canberra to bear the brunt of the government's savings measures. Canberra Times - Leaders unite for budget appeal.

However, these cutbacks are just the beginning. The Australian Public Service is caught…


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Public service innovation - No straight lines

To introduce this post on No straight lines I want to take you on a journey. That's on the basis that to know where we are and where we are heading we actually need to know where we've been. Due to the nature of the work I've been involved in for the past nineteen years I'm well placed to take you on this journey.


For a long time I've expressed the view that the way in which the majority of Australian Public Service agencies manage innovation and change itself is based…


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Centre for Public Sector Design - A drone free zone

I've been pondering the Centre for Public Sector Design for a little while. Especially after reading the post Six thoughts for the Centre for Public Sector Design’s future CEO. Great advice for sure:


  • The methodology is NOT the most important thing.
  • Don’t move slowly.
  • Measure EVERYTHING that you do.
  • Do more than ‘assure’.
  • Do…

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Imagine this

Last week I attended a world usability day event hosted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Canberra.

An interesting presentation was given by Rocky Heckman, Architect Advisor - Microsoft.

Rocky spoke about natural user interfaces -Touch, Gesture and Voice. During his talk Rocky mentioned work being done by Microsoft under the umbrella of 'Envision'. Below are a couple of movies showing how far the thinking has come.

Microsoft >>>… Continue

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eGovernment Assessment blog

From the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) comes a blog called e-Government Assessment

Going by the tag cloud, the site seems to be quite big on assessing government website accessibility.

This recent post points to a book providing a Global Web Accessibility Analysis of National Government Portals and Ministry Web…


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Let's make innovation more inclusive

In Australia, similar to the United Kingdom, innovation tends to be seen a something that is carried out by business and government. By and large, social inclusion is left out of the mix. However, given the influence of social media - anyone can put their ideas 'out there'. It is no longer valid to leave social inclusion (and participation), out of the equation.
To some extent, we are witnessing the emergence of a more inclusive and democratic approach to innovation…

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Australian Public Service Innovation Action Plan

It is fantastic to see the action plan finally released. See the launch post by Patricia Kelly.


So now it is up to us all of us to keep up the momentum. The new look of the innovation web is great. So jump in and help the APS progress further.


The logical next step is to get…


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Gov 2.0, APS Reform and Innovation - Let's gamify it

Nice post on the gamification of innovation


Which begs the question of whether we would we get further (faster) with innovation, Gov 2.0 and reform in the public service if we gamified them?


It would certainly take the games played by committees and behind closed doors out of the closet. Which can only be a good…


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Update : Creative commons licensing and public servant innovation

Looking at creative commons licensing and public sector innovation much of the emphasis is on the application of those licenses to public sector data released to the community. But what about the application of those licenses to innovation within agencies by public servants?


Most agencies have in place reward and recognition systems to acknowledge public servants. However, why shouldn't public servants who innovate be able to apply creative commons licensing to their work…


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APS Reform, Innovation and Gov 2.0 - Lighting the spark

I was just having a ponder of how to ensure public servants with verve and a passion for change and innovation could be attracted to work on the many aspects of Gov 2.0.

Why don't agencies put projects out there and invite public servants to outline what they would do to deliver on that project? They could then be seconded to do that work.

Agencies could even put an idea or need out there and ask public servants to flesh out what they would do etc.

Such an… Continue

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Management 1.0

Management in the public sector has an unhealthy managerialist bent. In a nutshell, a one size fits all approach coupled with the inherently arrogant notion that 'more management' is the solution to everything. In the main, this sad state of affairs has been peddled in the public sector by strategic human resources or organisational development areas. Call them what you will.


And you just have to adore how these 'people areas' sometimes appropriate internal communications…


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Freedom of Information = Freedom of Innovation

This post started life on the blog set up by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to seek comment on information policy. Pay the OAIC blog a visit. They are eager for people to contribute.


In terms of creating a pro-disclosure and pro-innovation culture across the public service I have expressed the view that a secure and anonymous facility for public servants to disclose information concerning the…


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Use of Wikis in the Australian Public Service

One of the more practical changes that could be made in the Australian Public Service, at minimal risk for those who are risk averse, is to use wikis within agencies to do such things as develop policies, guidelines and online documents associated with a whole range of corporate functions. For example, human resources and agency agreement proposals.

Safe, transparent and, given the APS wide mantra on the importance os staff engagement . . .…

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Is our thinking up to scratch?

Bill Eggers on is book If We Can Put a Man on the Moon … Getting Big Things Done in Government.

There is no doubt we have great minds and ideas here in Australia, but if, for example, we consider the Australian Public Service (APS) do we really have enough people expressing the ideas needed to make Gov 2.0 work? Do we need to do more to liberate and harness the ideas of our…

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Empowering Change: Fostering Innovation in the Australian Public Service

The Australian Public Service (APS) Management Advisory Committee (MAC) last year commissioned a report on public sector innovation and what could be done to encourage innovation in the APS.

That report, …


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