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Australian Government corruption - Silence is contempt

5 more sleeps until Australia votes

As usual, during an election campaign we have seen the best and worse of the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party.

What strikes me about both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party is their silence on the issue of corruption. They are in denial despite the ugly truth.

About Australian Government corruption

Since leaving the…


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The Australian Government’s illegal and immoral abuse of power

Everything you are about to read in this story is solidly based on fact. Sitting behind this are thousands of pages of documentary evidence. This story is initially being told in this way as events are continuing to unfold.

The actions and events described have taken place for over 10 years. The serial deceit and brazen gaming of the government agency involved did not take place at a whim. It is systemic, normalised and a refection of the state of government and the Australian…


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Australia's silent state - Government betrays democracy

The silence

Successive Australian Governments and the Australian Public Service are used to dominating political decision making and discussion. Government speaks, mainstream media reports and from time to time there are rumblings from the community. In the main Australia has been a fairly silent state.

The polical culture that has evolved is very much one of 'being in charge' and exercising power. That culture has not changed…


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Rest, re-energise, renew

Behind the scenes it's been a busy but professionally rewarding few months for me. Assisting some brave, clever and community minded people on issues concerning abuses of power by the Australian Public Service.

Then there's the apparent selective blindness of…


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Comcare's Zombie Apocalypse Part I - Illusion

Like some fallout from the Twighlight Zone Comcare keeps attracting the sort of headlines and stories they want us to believe. But don't worry - The truth is out there.…


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Aged care - Are you next?

Yesterday I was contacted by Lynda Saltarelli founder of Aged Care Crisis.

Barely a day goes by that we don’t hear another shameful story of sub-standard care to our elderly citizens in hospital and nursing home care.

Whilst our politicians and bureaucrats argue, pass the buck, or indulge in…


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The Lords of Secrecy and Australia's Surveillance State

I recently purchased Scott Horton's book Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America's Stealth Warfare. The book shows how the growth in the power of bureaucrats has undermines democracy. The major tactic being the misuse of secrecy and the amplification of fear through the exaggeration of threat.

These tactics have been employed by most democratic governments and are a threat to both democracy and good governance. Australia is no exception to this and most…


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Bad Behaviour in the Public Service: A guide

As Ozloop members would know, for some time I have been custodian of

We have decide to archive the content of the web site. The site will no longer be maintained as it was time do to something different. focused on bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination in the Australian Public Service.

However, the reality is that the bad…


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Demand decency in government - End the political duopoly

The Guardian's @vanbdham reports that Malcolm Fraser's Renew Australia party is a lament for the country we should have had

It's an informative and positive piece. Except for the sentiment that,…


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Australian public opens up government

Australians troll ministers with iMessage texts over data retention

The Guardian

Aussies Are…


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Message from Tony Fitzgerald - Political principles

On 28 January 2015 ABC 7.30's Leigh Sales Interviewed Tony Fitzgerald QC. For those who may have been very young at the time Tony Fitzgerald headed the Commission of Inquiry into corruption in Queensland politics 25 years ago.

You can watch the interview on the ABC's web site. There is also a transcript of the interview. Here is the link …


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Truth and Understanding - Time to reclaim government

During 2013 and 2014 we saw the Australian Public Service retreating from open government at a spectacular rate. In particular, the public service put great effort into creating a climate of fear to ensure that public servants self-censor and that any discussion or disclosures concerning the health and actions of the public service were stifled.

The Australian Public Service Commission took the lead on this. They even threw up a wall of silence on the issue of the monitoring…


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Ozloop 2014 End of year review

Sadly, attempts are being made to taint the festive season with #AUSterity. Just take a look at the new government issued Christmas greeting.

Well. Stuff the beige brigade. I'll have none of this. So to all…


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When government goes rogue

When I talk about our federal government I am referring to both elected officials (parliamentarians) and the Australian Public Service. 

The cornerstone of good government and good public service is, when it comes down to it, decency. In practical terms the public rightly expects…


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The collapse of governance - Australia leads the way

As if right on cue todays Canberra Times published a piece written by Fairfax's Philip Dorling concerning the tapping of the major Australia-New Zealand undersea telecommunications cable. Philip says,

A major undersea telecommunications cable that connects Australia and New Zealand to North America has been tapped to allow the United States…


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Freedom Commissioner should actively support social media freedoms

Interesting post on the Guardian's Australia Culture Blog by Tim Wilson - popularly known as the Freedom Commissioner - Twitter trolls have a right to offend – but we don't have to listen.

Wilson concludes by saying,

 . . . we regulate speech outside laws. We self-regulate. Social norms…


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Presentation : Social Media Best Practice Toolkit 2014

Last Wednesday 9 April 2014 I presented at the Australian Government Social Media Best Practice Toolkit 2014 forum organised by the ArkGroup.

My paper was titled The rise of citizen journalism - What it means for government and public service.

What I endeavoured to do in both my talk and the paper was pull together related observations and threads of argument. These included:

  • The importance of values.

  • The…

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Social Media Planner - Innovate NOW

New to social media? Need to develop a social media plan? Want to inspire your team?


Craig Thomler, with over eight years experience helping people make the most of social media, has developed a real world approach and product to help people do just that.


A card deck to help you think, plan and innovate to get the best out of social media for you business, government department or team.


Having developed and tested the card deck Craig now needs…


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Government and Public Service clamp down on public interest discussions

OZloop has always taken a politically neutral stance. That is to say our criticisms of the Australian Public Service have not been shaped by the beliefs of any one political party.


Recent actions of the public service along with the recent media release by the current Public Service Minister and articles published in the Canberra Times are so severe in the implications that they have for open government, public interest discussions and, indeed, freedom of speech that…


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Challenges in a changing world - The OZloop report card

It was with great interest I read the Canberra Times piece Challenges in a changing world. The article outlines the changes being made to the Australian Public Service and claims they could lead to major transformation.

I've reviewed piece and, of course, the comments made by the Australian Service Commissioner, Steve Sedgwick.

If the changes are followed through then, yes, some of them could result in some much needed transformation. However, I doubt that will…


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