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Open letter to Mr Stephen Sedgwick AO, Australian Public Service Commissioner

Dear Commissioner

The purpose of this open letter is to articulate a number of issues relating to the apparent thinking of the Australian Public  Service Commission and, indeed, the way the Commission goes about its work. In particular, it is a matter of concern that the Commission's stance perpetuates a repressive corporate management culture.

Self-limiting view of social media

It is writ large…


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Submission to Bullying Inquiry : The Totalitarian Practices of Corporate Human Resources

For quite a while now I've been working on my submission to the Australian Government inquiry in to workplace bullying. It has been a lengthy journey and there have been many discussions. What I have attempted to do is paint a clear sociological picture of workplace bullying in the Australian Public Service.

To varying degrees my submission applies to organisations outside the APS. However, I have focused on the APS for one simple reason. The APS serves our Federal Government…


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Does the public service need more free radicals?

First up thanks to @allisonhornery for the heads up on A Manifesto for Free Radicals by Scott Belsky.



The Manifesto resonates well with me given the content of the…


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Management 1.0

Management in the public sector has an unhealthy managerialist bent. In a nutshell, a one size fits all approach coupled with the inherently arrogant notion that 'more management' is the solution to everything. In the main, this sad state of affairs has been peddled in the public sector by strategic human resources or organisational development areas. Call them what you will.


And you just have to adore how these 'people areas' sometimes appropriate internal communications…


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How disillusioned are people with Gov 2.0?

Enhanced democracy
Citizen 2.0
Gov 2.0
Public service 2.0
Parliamentary reform
APS Reform
Culture change
Parliamentary reform
Social media
Web 2.0
Web 3.0

Do you feel besieged by buzz words? Does the action match the rhetoric? Is there a big mismatch between those…

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Australian Election Result and Politics 2.0

OK. So the election over. Here we are with an emergent Gov 2.0 and Public Service 2.0. Time to revisit Politics 2.0.

Given the nature of this post I want to be up front about my own political views. On social policy I sit…

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New times demand a new public servant

Last weeks Public Sector Informant published an article by Terry Fewtrell on the implications of the work done by the Gov 2.0 Taskforce. Terry is principal consultant with Yellow Edge Consulting. The article…

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Christmas Reading - Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0 Report of the Government 2.0 Taskforce

Hi All

The final report of the Gov 2.0 Taskforce has been released and is available from the Department of Finance and Deregulation right now.

It is a powerful report. One of the critical drivers of Gov 2.0 is going to be public sector reform. As the summary on the… Continue

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Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0: Draft report for comment

Hi Everyone

If you haven't had a chance to comment on the draft report it would be great if you could before the Christmas season hits. Go take a look at what is being posted.

I'm enjoying a spot of leave at the moment and, in between, relaxing am going to so some work on OZloop.

One of the ideas I'm exploring for 2010 is what an internal audit of public sector Agencies to measure Gov… Continue

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