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Response from Prime Minister Tony Abbott

On 28 May 2015 I sent an email concerning my paper The Australian Government - Can we afford it to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Opposition leader Bill Shorten and a range of other politicians. The email Better Government - Renewing the social contract was positive and to the…


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Ozloop 2014 End of year review

Sadly, attempts are being made to taint the festive season with #AUSterity. Just take a look at the new government issued Christmas greeting.

Well. Stuff the beige brigade. I'll have none of this. So to all…


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What hope for accountability?

Really concerned...

Seems like the terrorists have taken square aim at our democracy and appear to be winning.

I absolutely believe that new anti-terror laws have political ends and are not in our interests.  And I don't believe any benefits from them outweigh the risks from them.

Accountability is a cornerstone of democracy and removing accountability for spy agencies, which are supposed to serve the community as a whole, is not a reason why we elect any…


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The collapse of governance - Australia leads the way

As if right on cue todays Canberra Times published a piece written by Fairfax's Philip Dorling concerning the tapping of the major Australia-New Zealand undersea telecommunications cable. Philip says,

A major undersea telecommunications cable that connects Australia and New Zealand to North America has been tapped to allow the United States…


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Australia's Bystander Democracy

On 7 August 2014 the Australian Human Rights Commission hosted the free speech 2014 symposium

The general focus of the event was,

Free speech is fundamental to a free and democratic society

But . . .  is…


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Free Speech 2014 - Let's take it and shape it!

Yesterday my trusty computer let me know about an event being organised by the Australian Human Rights Commission. A one day symposium being held on 7 August 2014 - Free Speech 2014.



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Freedom Commissioner should actively support social media freedoms

Interesting post on the Guardian's Australia Culture Blog by Tim Wilson - popularly known as the Freedom Commissioner - Twitter trolls have a right to offend – but we don't have to listen.

Wilson concludes by saying,

 . . . we regulate speech outside laws. We self-regulate. Social norms…


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Dear Public Service Commissioner

Dear Commissioner/Steve

The Canberra Times and PS News recently published articles concerning your views on the use of social media by public servants. There are important questions to be asked in relation to the views being communicated by yourself and the Commission to the public. Most notably:

  • Why does the Commission conflate criticism of the actions of the public service with criticism of government and its…

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Australian Public Service - Shock and Awe 2014

Shock and awe

We could be forgiven for thinking that the latest round of media announcements telling public servants to shut up online was an orchestrated shock and awe strategy. One designed scare public servants off and create massive amounts of self-censorship.

  • January 20, 2014 Canberra Times publishes …

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Government and Public Service clamp down on public interest discussions

OZloop has always taken a politically neutral stance. That is to say our criticisms of the Australian Public Service have not been shaped by the beliefs of any one political party.


Recent actions of the public service along with the recent media release by the current Public Service Minister and articles published in the Canberra Times are so severe in the implications that they have for open government, public interest discussions and, indeed, freedom of speech that…


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Australia: One nation under surveillance

What we are seeing in Australia today is a veil of censorship, secrecy and the surveillance being drawn across government and Australian Public Service agencies. When it comes to monitoring by public service agencies there is a dangerous lack of transparency and accountability.


All of this is a threat our freedoms, our right to know, better government and better…


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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Eroding freedom and innovation

Wikileaks has done the world an enormous favour by leaking intellectual property rights charter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


Intellectual property rights might seem abstract for many of us. However, just consider for a moment that it is the free flow of information - of what we know, what we create, what we dream up - that makes us who we are. It is what shapes the sort of society we live in and, in a very practical…


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Administrative denial of service attacks undermine freedom of speech

I am far and away not a conspiracy theorist. Unlike many senior officials within Australian Public Service agencies I do not see threat at every turn.


Furthermore, unlike senior officials within corporate areas ranging from human resources through to compliance and communication areas I do not operate in clandestine and cowardly ways to manipulate employees and the community. Neither do I seek to repress free speech. I detest abusive administrative regimes that cause…


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Social media freedom charter

Today is the start of World Innovation and Creativity Week. What better day to release a social media freedom charter for Australian public servants.


The charter stands in contrast to the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct and the practices of many APS agencies. As we have seen and written about many a time on OZloop the practices of APS agencies do not reflect enlightened democratic values.




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Freedom of Information Update - Agencies strike back

Undermining FOI and Open Government

The primary purpose of this post was (and still is), to provide an update on my freedom of information request to Comcare, the Australian Public Service Commission and there Australian Taxation Office. My request concerned the monitoring of OZloop and was quite detailed. If you haven't read it already, you might like to do so …


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Servants of the public record

Back in January 2011 I wrote a discussion paper entitled The public service in a Wikileaks world. I posted this paper online and distributed it to colleagues within the Australian Public Service. I also distributed it to members of the social media community I had established within the Taxation…


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Does the public service need more free radicals?

First up thanks to @allisonhornery for the heads up on A Manifesto for Free Radicals by Scott Belsky.



The Manifesto resonates well with me given the content of the…


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Freedom of connection : Freedom of expression

On 22 My 2011 I put up a post on Ozloop entitled Freedom of professional expression - Freedom of association.


There is a lot of serendipity about at the moment. The UNESCO report Freedom of connection : Freedom of expression released this month being a case in…


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Freedom of professional expression - Freedom of association

I've been thinking about the comment made on my post APS Reform, Innovation and Gov 2.0 - Lighting the spark. I've lost count of the number of public servants who have told me that they are receiving contradictory messages. High level and public approval in relation to social media on one hand.…


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Freedom of information - Good design for Australian Public Service agencies

So the push is on for proactive freedom of information in the the APS.

The primary means by which the community will access information released under FOI is via the web. Which means we need to attend to design and avoid the trap of simply publishing link farms. We should also, I suggest, have a consistent design across all APS agencies. To do otherwise is a recipe for confusion.

I have had a look around the place and have found a great example courtesy of the U.K Ministry… Continue

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