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Australia's silent state - Government betrays democracy

The silence

Successive Australian Governments and the Australian Public Service are used to dominating political decision making and discussion. Government speaks, mainstream media reports and from time to time there are rumblings from the community. In the main Australia has been a fairly silent state.

The polical culture that has evolved is very much one of 'being in charge' and exercising power. That culture has not changed…


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Spotlight on Reinventing the ATO

A disappointing headline on todays Canberra Times website.

Crackdown on rich baby boomers

ATO targets rich Australians who are using a trick involving children to get around paying tax

It is well known and documented that the baby boomers had it easier…


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Reinventing the ATO - Fact or fiction

Something does not add up. On the one hand the Australian Taxation Office is expending effort telling the community it is reinventing itself. On the other I am still being told, through very reliable sources, that the culture is still very much one permeated by fear, risk aversion and group think.

That does not surprise me one bit. Neither does the volume and nature of what looks like a rebadged version of the 'old' corporate spin. You only have to look at the bright and shiny…


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Truth and Understanding - Time to reclaim government

During 2013 and 2014 we saw the Australian Public Service retreating from open government at a spectacular rate. In particular, the public service put great effort into creating a climate of fear to ensure that public servants self-censor and that any discussion or disclosures concerning the health and actions of the public service were stifled.

The Australian Public Service Commission took the lead on this. They even threw up a wall of silence on the issue of the monitoring…


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Tax Office to shed up to 25% of its workforce?

The Taxation Office, like the rest of the Australian Public Service, is under great strain. But let's remind ourselves that it is human beings who are being placed under great strain here. Not the grey faceless public service bureaucrats often portrayed in the media. A portrayal, by the way that is rarely challenged by public service leaders.

In difficult and changing times it is important to communicate with people about changes that…


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The Australian Taxation Office slaps down staff

I was so looking forward to winding down in the lead up to the festive season. It doesn't look like this is going to happen.

The Canberra Times reports that the Australian Taxation Office needs major overhaul to avoid slipping backwards, review warns. True, but it makes…


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#APSfail 1 & 2 - Change and inspiration

It must do the wonders for the moral of employees of Australian Public Service agencies to read newspaper headlines like,


The 'sleepy' decade is over. We must evolve.

Canberra Times



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Australian Taxation Office - Catching up with the times

At last. Something positive from the Taxation Office.

In this months edition of the internal staff newsletter, News Extra, it has been announced that the Taxation Office is trialling a new wireless internet service in its Adelaide Office. Staff will be able to connect their…


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Challenges in a changing world - The OZloop report card

It was with great interest I read the Canberra Times piece Challenges in a changing world. The article outlines the changes being made to the Australian Public Service and claims they could lead to major transformation.

I've reviewed piece and, of course, the comments made by the Australian Service Commissioner, Steve Sedgwick.

If the changes are followed through then, yes, some of them could result in some much needed transformation. However, I doubt that will…


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Public service efficiency dividends as instrument of change

The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has announced that a new efficiency dividend will be imposed on the Australian Public Service.

Sources said there would be an extra 1 per cent efficiency dividend imposed at the executive level and a 0.5 per cent extra dividend at senior executive level, delivering combined savings over the four-year budget forecasts of about $250 million.

Source: …


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APS 2013 - Too critical, too passionate, too bloody old

Australian Public Service agencies do not appreciate employees who are critical or passionate. This is a function of what is seen as 'good' management. Good management means not rocking the boat, controlling risk and it controlling conversation.

This entire notion of what constitutes good management is supported by performance management systems that are designed to ensure compliance. This becomes problematic when the threshold for non-compliance, for not fitting in, is…


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Australian Public Service values as a platform for doing good

An interesting and positive aspect of the new Australian Public Service values is the introductions of the notion of caring. That, coupled with the simplification of the values, may signal a change in mindset. However, the question is to what extent?

It is, I believe, important to take positive signals at face value. By the same token it is also important to be realistic. So here are some thoughts based on the evidence at hand.

The first point to note is that…


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Greater protection for public service whistleblowers - Are the steps that huge?

Yesterday the Public Interested Disclosure Bill was passed in the House of Representatives. The bill makes it an offence for an individual or organisation to take hostile action against a public servant due to them making a public interest disclosure.

As pointed out by Whistleblower Australia's national president Cynthia…


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Insular and inward looking culture - It's not just a Tax Office problem

At the outset I want to make it clear that I am not a member of any political party.

In his address to the National Press Club Joe Hockey stated that,

We all have to pay our fair share of tax. But the relationship with the ATO does not have to be adversarial and should be based on mutual respect.

One measure that will help…


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The Australian Public Service embraces 19th century values

Here we go again. The Australian Public Service Commission using the Canberra Times to discourage online discussion concerning public administration. Surely the Canberra Times should look at these issues in-depth and not simply report social media pests to face sack in new public service code.

I'm not sure what's worse. The…


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Let's make the public sector awesome

There are quite a few things I like about America. Like enthusiasm about pitching an idea. Like the word awesome. There is a place for restraint of course - and here in Australia public servants do it so well.

But it irks me. Why should we be so restrained when pitching ideas about…


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Australian Public Service Commissioner seeks to channel whistleblowing

Today, the Canberra Times published an article entitled Whistleblower laws facing fine-tuning. Apparently, the Australian Public Service Commissioner, Stephen Sedgwick, informed the Senate committee on legal and constitutional affairs that the laws should not allow public servants to go 'forum shopping'.

Quite frankly, this is a bit rich given the…


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Australian Public Service Commission - Out of step, out of time

I am the first to acknowledge that the Australian Public Service Commission has a hard job to do and does do some great work - for example, the work being done around capability development and the work undertaken by the Human Capital Research and Evaluation group.



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Social media freedom charter

Today is the start of World Innovation and Creativity Week. What better day to release a social media freedom charter for Australian public servants.


The charter stands in contrast to the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct and the practices of many APS agencies. As we have seen and written about many a time on OZloop the practices of APS agencies do not reflect enlightened democratic values.




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Death by corporate management

A great exclusive by Linton Besser @lb_online and Nick Phillips @NickySMH concerning a Call for inquiry as CSIRO comes under the microscope.

In this exclusive it is pointed out…


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