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Australian Government corruption - Silence is contempt

5 more sleeps until Australia votes

As usual, during an election campaign we have seen the best and worse of the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party.

What strikes me about both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party is their silence on the issue of corruption. They are in denial despite the ugly truth.

About Australian Government corruption

Since leaving the…


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Carving out Freedom of Information is not good government

Yesterday, 12 April 2016 was the International Day of Human Space Flight

April 12, 1961, was the date of the first human space flight, carried out by Yuri Gagarin. This historic event opened the way for space exploration. In 2011 the UN declared April 12 as the “International Day of Human Space Flight” to remember the first human space flight and to promote the exploration and use…


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Invitation - Dreyfus Award Presentation

This coming Tuesday, 11 August 2015, Stephen Strelecky will be receiving a Dreyfus Award from Australians United for Israel.

You may recall that Mr Strelecky received an apology from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for the anti-semitic taunts he had been subjected to when working for the ATO. However, as pointed out in the Herald Sun,…


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Response from Prime Minister Tony Abbott

On 28 May 2015 I sent an email concerning my paper The Australian Government - Can we afford it to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Opposition leader Bill Shorten and a range of other politicians. The email Better Government - Renewing the social contract was positive and to the…


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CSIRO and the abuse of power

Canberra Times 10 February 2015 -  CSIRO technician fired over Big Mac meal…


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Ozloop 2014 End of year review

Sadly, attempts are being made to taint the festive season with #AUSterity. Just take a look at the new government issued Christmas greeting.

Well. Stuff the beige brigade. I'll have none of this. So to all…


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Unofficial ATO account on Ozloop suspended

I know full well that senior officials within the Australian Public Service do not like the disclosures and discussions taking place on OZloop.

In particular, they do not like the fact that we are highlighting the systemic nature of problems often attributed to organisational culture. More to the point they do not like the fact that many of these problems are attributable to the very notions of management, leadership and hierarchy they hold dear. One word sums this up.… Continue

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Public service innovation - No straight lines

To introduce this post on No straight lines I want to take you on a journey. That's on the basis that to know where we are and where we are heading we actually need to know where we've been. Due to the nature of the work I've been involved in for the past nineteen years I'm well placed to take you on this journey.


For a long time I've expressed the view that the way in which the majority of Australian Public Service agencies manage innovation and change itself is based…


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Gov 2.0 and the Australian Public Service - How are you going to party?

An interesting article from Street Corner on the Frocomm Gov 2.0 Conference held in Sydney earlier this month

Plenty of examples from local government, the excellent example set by the South Australian Government and, of course, the work emanating from the UK.

While, I think it is really important to celebrate and share the work being done by the Australian Public Service it is obvious that each agency is proceeding at… Continue

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Freedom of information - Good design for Australian Public Service agencies

So the push is on for proactive freedom of information in the the APS.

The primary means by which the community will access information released under FOI is via the web. Which means we need to attend to design and avoid the trap of simply publishing link farms. We should also, I suggest, have a consistent design across all APS agencies. To do otherwise is a recipe for confusion.

I have had a look around the place and have found a great example courtesy of the U.K Ministry… Continue

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Australian Public Service Social Manifesto

This post is a bit of a work in progress.

OK. Government, the Australian Public Service Commission and, with the Gov 2.0 Report and Ahead of the Game Report, a pretty clear message has been sent to . . . 'Get on with it'.

I don't know about anyone else, but this is not translating into action on the ground for most public servants. To cross that particular chasm what might just be needed is a clear social manifesto for the Australian Public Service. Not…

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