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The Australian Public Service suffers from Oppositional Defensive Disorder

Yet again, the misuse of psychiatry by Australian Public Service agencies rears its ugly head. Agencies, including Comcare, continue to engage in doctor shopping to obtain a diagnosis that suits them and the employee's agency.

All the while Comcare and agencies complain about the increasing number of claims related to bullying and psychological harm. Really, are they that blind?

I've been talking to a number of professionals who are deeply disturbed by what they…


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Australian Government master media agency: Engagement or manipulation?

It was with some ceremony that the Department of Finance announced that Mitchell and Partners Australia is now the Australian Government's master media agency.

I am pleased to announce that Mitchell and Partners Australia Pty Ltd (Mitchells) has been appointed as the Australian Government’s master media agency for an initial period of four years. Mitchells was awarded the contract following a competitive open tender process undertaken by the…


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Presentation : Social Media Best Practice Toolkit 2014

Last Wednesday 9 April 2014 I presented at the Australian Government Social Media Best Practice Toolkit 2014 forum organised by the ArkGroup.

My paper was titled The rise of citizen journalism - What it means for government and public service.

What I endeavoured to do in both my talk and the paper was pull together related observations and threads of argument. These included:

  • The importance of values.

  • The…

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Action time!

I have been thinking that more needs to be done. Steve has provided a fantastic communication tool in Ozloop. I believe that we will never know the true extent of its influence. It has shone an honest light into the dark recesses of the APS and revealed much that was festering there.

It has been the source of comfort and guidance to those who, often unknowingly, have become targets for Special Treatment.

There is a lot more I could say, but you already know it. Long live Steve…


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Tax Office to shed up to 25% of its workforce?

The Taxation Office, like the rest of the Australian Public Service, is under great strain. But let's remind ourselves that it is human beings who are being placed under great strain here. Not the grey faceless public service bureaucrats often portrayed in the media. A portrayal, by the way that is rarely challenged by public service leaders.

In difficult and changing times it is important to communicate with people about changes that…


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Reflections on Camelot

The introduction of knighthoods and damehoods caught me by surprise, as it did many people.

In a subsequent mood of reflection, I wondered what Sir Winston Churchill would make of our modern politics.

He was Prime Minister at a time which has often been described as Britain’s “darkest hour”, as the bombs rained down on London.

He rallied…


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Understanding APS abuse of power - In seven minutes and 48 seconds

At the start of this campaign to expose the systemic abuse of power that is hard wired into the Australian Public Service I did promise myself that I would come up with something short for people to kick back and listen to.


The reason for doing so is simple. The Australian Public Service, like other institutions that allow abusive practices grow, do everything they can to stone wall and deny. At times, indeed, my colleagues and I shake our heads in wonder at how abuse of any…


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Australian Public Service cult of leadership

An interesting account from Noel Towell on Don Russell's, former secretary of the Industry Department, talk at Australian National University's Crawford School of Public Policy in todays Canberra Times. Don Russell urges chiefs to flex muscles and 'save the APS'.…


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My keynote : The rise of citizen journalism

On the 9th of April I will be delivering a keynote at the Connected Forum that is part of Australian Government Social Media Best Practice Toolkit 2014 event. The keynote will take place between 9.15 and 10.00 am.

The event is being organised by the Ark Group Australia and will held in Canberra on the 9th and 10th of April. Take a look at the …


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Social Media Planner - Innovate NOW

New to social media? Need to develop a social media plan? Want to inspire your team?


Craig Thomler, with over eight years experience helping people make the most of social media, has developed a real world approach and product to help people do just that.


A card deck to help you think, plan and innovate to get the best out of social media for you business, government department or team.


Having developed and tested the card deck Craig now needs…


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Media Briefing - Australia's silent state

For some months I have been working with a group of very courageous and community minded people examining matters that go to the heart of what is wrong with the Australian Public Service. Indeed, of systemic practices involving breaking the law, breaching the public service code of conduct and, arguably, breaches of the Criminal Code Act 1995.

What is striking is that no matter what incidents we look at the pattern is the same. What we have is very ugly picture of the culture…


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APS Legal Firms : Sparke Helmore

Recently, a number of people contacted me concerning the activities of Sparke Helmore. It seems that they have taken an interest in this site. Good. Maybe Sparke Helmore can join in the discussions and be constructive rather than just snooping around.


Which sparked a thought. Given the antics of the Australian Public Service why not take a look at these legal firms.


The Australian Public…


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Australian Public Service games FOI to hide surveillance

22 November 2013

We obtained information indicating that public service agencies are purchasing software and services to monitor social media activity. What is being said and who is saying it.


Australia: One nation under surveillance raises reasonable suspicions that Australian…


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Some ATO employees may be unfairly taxed on redundancy

Given all the redundancies that are happening, or about to happen, potentially affected employees need to know their rights.

Present and former ATO employees may be disappointed to learn that they are, as far as I am aware, the only APS employees who may be required to pay tax on their redundancy payments.

ATO employees who receive a voluntary redundancy on the basis that their “services can no longer be effectively utilised”, are treated for tax purposes as having received an…


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Rumination on redundancy

I have been ruminating (as I occasionally do) about the Federal Court. There are things that puzzle me about some decisions. Today I am thinking of one in particular.

In writing this, I bear in mind that Justice Rares said in his speech…


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Australian Public Service - Shock and Awe 2014

Shock and awe

We could be forgiven for thinking that the latest round of media announcements telling public servants to shut up online was an orchestrated shock and awe strategy. One designed scare public servants off and create massive amounts of self-censorship.

  • January 20, 2014 Canberra Times publishes …

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Government and Public Service clamp down on public interest discussions

OZloop has always taken a politically neutral stance. That is to say our criticisms of the Australian Public Service have not been shaped by the beliefs of any one political party.


Recent actions of the public service along with the recent media release by the current Public Service Minister and articles published in the Canberra Times are so severe in the implications that they have for open government, public interest discussions and, indeed, freedom of speech that…


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Recognition for

Back in April last year APS Dignity announced that I was taking over (a website written by JA James to support public servants experiencing workplace bullying and harassment based on her research whilst undertaking a Master of Public Policy at the Australian…


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Australia needs an open 21st century honours system

Australia Day is just around the corner. 19 days to go and counting. Community celebrations will abound and, of course, the announcement of honours and awards to those people who have gone the extra mile to do good.

With that in mind it is worth asking ourselves whether the…


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Why I post about gipsy rose

I note Kalisvati Jule has commented about the attention being paid to gipsy rose's case.

The proposal that GR should just move on does sound easy. If only it were.

GR is still employed by ATO. She has not been paid for two years. The area where she worked no longer exists. Her teammates received redundancies or obtained positions in other areas of the ATO.

Her employer continues to refuse to provide a return to work program despite agreement between her own specialist…


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