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Invitation - Dreyfus Award Presentation

This coming Tuesday, 11 August 2015, Stephen Strelecky will be receiving a Dreyfus Award from Australians United for Israel.

You may recall that Mr Strelecky received an apology from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for the anti-semitic taunts he had been subjected to when working for the ATO. However, as pointed out in the Herald Sun,…


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NZ "60 minutes" hired guns lurking in NZ universal comp system

Liar liar pants on fire!!! If you have suffered at the hands of hired guns you will most likely be saying "Liar" more than once.

There is so much meat in this short series of…


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The Lords of Secrecy and Australia's Surveillance State

I recently purchased Scott Horton's book Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America's Stealth Warfare. The book shows how the growth in the power of bureaucrats has undermines democracy. The major tactic being the misuse of secrecy and the amplification of fear through the exaggeration of threat.

These tactics have been employed by most democratic governments and are a threat to both democracy and good governance. Australia is no exception to this and most…


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Bad Behaviour in the Public Service: A guide

As Ozloop members would know, for some time I have been custodian of

We have decide to archive the content of the web site. The site will no longer be maintained as it was time do to something different. focused on bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination in the Australian Public Service.

However, the reality is that the bad…


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Innovation Month 2015 - Is it Australian Public Service spin?

You may not know it, but it is Innovation Month.

Innovation Month 2015 is the flagship initiative lead by the Department of Industry to achieve the objectives of the APS Innovation Action Plan “the APS and its agencies will institute mechanisms to recognise, celebrate and share innovation efforts. This will be done by … agencies holding innovation themed events to discuss, share and celebrate public sector innovation within their agencies.” The plan is supported by the…


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Response from Prime Minister Tony Abbott

On 28 May 2015 I sent an email concerning my paper The Australian Government - Can we afford it to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Opposition leader Bill Shorten and a range of other politicians. The email Better Government - Renewing the social contract was positive and to the…


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The Australian Public Service's obsession with reputation and winning at all costs is well known. That obsession is also a source of abuses of administrative, legal and medico-legal power.

So it was with some interest I have been reading the Australian Public Service Commission's latest missive, Handling misconduct: a human…


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ATO's cruelty towards older workers

Someone I never met in person but had spoken to several times on the phone died recently.

This person had, as an older worker, been subjected to the misuse of performance management system by ATO mismanagement.  He had been under the impression that he was being mentored to step up to the next level due to the so called mentoring occurring immediately after a stint acting for several months in a position at a higher level.  As someone had been on leave, he had been called…


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The journey begins. The Australian Government - Can we afford it?

This week I started distributing a paper I've been working for just over a month. I settled on the title The Australian Government - Can we afford it. In this post I outline why I decided to take this on, what I intend to do next and provide some additional information. I also debunk some of the possible and likely reactions from some politicians and senior officials.

At more than 20 pages my paper is a bit of a read. Given my intent to provide a cohesive narrative, that was…


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Spotlight on Reinventing the ATO

A disappointing headline on todays Canberra Times website.

Crackdown on rich baby boomers

ATO targets rich Australians who are using a trick involving children to get around paying tax

It is well known and documented that the baby boomers had it easier…


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Demand decency in government - End the political duopoly

The Guardian's @vanbdham reports that Malcolm Fraser's Renew Australia party is a lament for the country we should have had

It's an informative and positive piece. Except for the sentiment that,…


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This is from

There are no references to academic studies, however this hits the nail on the head in my opinion and experience. The one thing that I'm not entirely comfortable about is the label "psychopath".  I would prefer the actions and behaviours speak for themselves.

What is mobbing?

The word bullying is used to…


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Reinventing the ATO - Fact or fiction

Something does not add up. On the one hand the Australian Taxation Office is expending effort telling the community it is reinventing itself. On the other I am still being told, through very reliable sources, that the culture is still very much one permeated by fear, risk aversion and group think.

That does not surprise me one bit. Neither does the volume and nature of what looks like a rebadged version of the 'old' corporate spin. You only have to look at the bright and shiny…


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Dear Comcare

Gosh, Comcare, you are not very popular with your clients, are you? The agencies that you insure seem to be very resentful about the ever-rising cost of their premiums.

Do you actually know anything about the nature of insurance?

I have my doubts, because no insurer who wants to remain in…


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Roundtable on Citizenship and the Constitution

Get involved!

The Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee is hosting its third Constitutional Roundtable on 20 March 2015.

The topic for the Roundtable is Citizenship and the Constitution, and will comprise three sessions:

  • 9.15am Session One: High Court decisions and their impact on the understanding of…

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I have been aware for some time that there are those in the public service sector and the federal courts and tribunals who are actively seeking to discredit me.

In relation to the public service sector, this does not surprise me. However, if I am right in relation to the courts and tribunals, it is a matter of great consternation. The review of administrative decisions is to be determined by reference to the facts and…


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Australian public opens up government

Australians troll ministers with iMessage texts over data retention

The Guardian

Aussies Are…


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Abby Martin - Farewell Breaking the Set. Hello to . . .

I'm not into Kings, Queens, Heroes or Heroins, but I am into inspiring, passionate and socially ethical work.

Abby Martin, journalist, activist and artist completed three years of hosting RT America's Breaking the Set last month. Brilliant, passionate, professional and inspiring activist reporting that puts the mainstream media to shame.

Inspiring observations and messages from Abby. The takeaways for me?…


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Q&A session with APS Commissioner John Lloyd

Interesting questions asked of the Australian Public Service Commissioner at Senate Estimates by Senator Kate Lundy. You can go to the relevant section of the Hansard minutes here. You will have to scroll down a…


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ACT to lead the way without Comcare?

The Canberra Times reports that the Australian Capital Territory Government has decided to dump Comcare - ACT dumps Comcare. This has been brewing for some time.

Given that Comcare are associated with abuses of power perpetrated by the Australian Public Service this is a very positive development. It is also an opportunity for the ACT Government to…


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