Are you involved in change management in your organisation? I would love to hear about your experiences, your structures, your governance and your successes. My role as a change agent in a large IT program of work means I work inbetween the business owners and the IT team. This sometimes places me in the pointy end of conflict resolution but is always fun!

Depending on the scenario, I represent varied stakeholders ensuring they have a shared voice. I also spend a lot of time ensuring change readiness and understanding change fatigue. Once I understand these things, my challenge is to ensure it is recognised as a real 'thing'.

I have attached a fun change agent description provided to me by a fellow Ozlooper - Tim Little. Have a read and tell me what you think ....

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Hi KJ, my organisation has been going through a huge "Change Program" for several years and it is coming to a crititical part now (we hope). a major issue we have had is it has been such a long process with several delays it has been difficult to maintain any momentum in preparing people for the change.

i was lucky enough to work in a leadership strategy project team where our role was to prepare the organisations leadership for the change. the team was very innovative and creative. But the project ended and the chance lost.
One of the products i produced to try and get the message across was a series of visuals (cartoons) to keep the message fresh. It was fun to do and may have worked but the project ended while still in draft form. i have attached one to show you the direction we were taking our leaders in


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